Design Lobby — Best tool to manage design assets

Photo by Tirza van Dijk on Unsplash

Design Lobby is a platform which helps designers manage design assets and version control. Built for high-performance design teams that want to manage design assets and collaboration efforts between teams across multiple workspaces.

All your Design Resources in one place

Design Lobby is designed to store all your design files in one place, that includes Images, Icons, Fonts, Colors palettes/gradients, all assets you need when working on design projects. You name it!

Access anywhere anytime

On Design Lobby all your data lives in cloud which means you can store all your data on the app and access it anywhere and anytime. It’s responsive, user friendly and is designed to help you manage and get the within matter os seconds.

Taggable and Searchable

On Design Lobby every file you upload can have their own tags, which means whenever you need an asset you just search it in the search bar and all the assets with same tag will be given to you.

Apart from all these amazing features, the tool is designed to make designers’ life easier by managing their assets, storing data in the cloud, searching when a specific tag is needed. The tool can save a lot of time when it comes to managing all your assets.

The app is still in beta version and if you and any bugs feel free to report issues and give feedbacks.

Chat: You can directly chat via homepage of the site.

Email: You can also write us at hello@designlobby.ap



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