Why I chose to study Software Engineering

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I always had interests in computers, video games, smartphones and other gadgets. And the journey of my coding started when I watched a video ‘What Most Schools Don’t Teach’. I listened to most successful people like Bill Gates, CEO of Microsoft. Jack Dorsey CEO of Twitter, and others and they all had different and quite amazing things to say about coding.

What caught my attention is the quote from Steve Jobs

“Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer… because it teaches you how to think.” — Steve Jobs

During that time I was in highschool doing pre-engineering, I was learning science subjects like Biology, Mathematics, and Chemistry but there wasn’t any subject related to programming, we learned about computers but only basic stuff like hardware how the internet works but nothing about programming or logic used in it at all.

So I started short courses in web design, I learned html, CSS, JavaScript that time we used Adobe Dreamweaver I don’t know if its still in use today. But I had to quit because I wasn’t able to concentrate on both school and other courses.

My Computer Science journey

Right when I graduated from high school I told myself I’d either get into Software Engineering or Computer Science, whichever I am selected in, and I was selected in bachelors in CS.

During those 4 years I learned about fundamentals of programming, data structures, mathematics (Linear Algebra, Multivariate Algebra, Stats and Probability), little about hardware, and all those typical research courses. Apart from that I was attending additional both online and in-person courses specially in data analysis.

After graduation

After graduation I moved to a new country with totally new environment and new people, and the I realized I haven’t done enough to get into job market, or to get the job in any CS related field. The competition is really tough in today’s job market, you have to have strong portfolio of your projects and also experience with real world projects in order to get into market.

Starting coding Bootcamp in Flatiron School

I started my hourly job but it wasn’t related to my filed in computer science, I decided to get ahead I should attend any training or bootcamp of software engineering. That way I can fill the gaps that I lack in my degree to build career. So I have started Bootcamp in Flatiron School online Software Engineering part time. Mainly focused on Full Stack Web Development.

I am pretty excited to work on amazing projects ahead!

And hopefully start my career as a Software Engineer.

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Full Stack JavaScript developer | Data | Programming 👾

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Junaid Abbasi

Junaid Abbasi

Full Stack JavaScript developer | Data | Programming 👾

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